Limited Edition Cello


Limited Edition Cello

Laubach Limited Edition Cello

Sophisticated cello for very demanding soloists with large ambitions for participation in competitions of the highest category.


Laubach cello makers have gotten very close over the years to build a modern instrument of quality, inspired by violins of the Venetian school of the late nineteenth century. Individually handcrafted instruments Limited Edition Antique series from Laubach Master atelier. Best workmanship and only the very best available rare old tonewoods (aged from 20 years), to insure this high level of quality. With two-piece back of narrow flame, the oil varnish of golden brown color of high quality and with rich and full voice. Our instrument is of a unique pattern, with single-line purfling and with pronounced edges and corners. Recommended to the serious cellist or the dedicated collector. Accompanied by certification from Laubach.

Laubach cellos Limited Edition Antique series reflect in mature tonal quality and aesthetic beauty the same skill and great care that has gone into the making of our successful line high level of quality of Master made violins, violas, Limited Edition Antique series. Whichever cellos model you play (Antonio Stradivari, Matteo Goffriller, Battista Guadagnini and Domenico Montagnana) - the rich Laubach cellos sound is unmistakable giving each instrument its own unique character.


It is the most elegant solution, to acquire a new instrument (without any cracks or defects) with an old and antique sound, in comparison to much more expensive old cellos. It is a small price to pay to save yourself tens of thousands by not sacrificing any old Italian-esque sound and look.

It took six years to go from the idea to creation.

"It is not only a great Cello for the work of art but is a beautiful time keeper that you can imagine your grandchildren’s children still playing and cherishing in the future.”


The second thing that makes Laubach cellos special is its color primer. It has a soft, almost mellow, honey gold hue that is hard to place. The most accurate way to picture it is that its hue is somewhere between regular yellow gold and rose gold used in old Italian instruments of the 17th - 18th century.

It is very unusual thus making it special, and it is unlike any other cellos primers that have been used in European instruments of the 19-20th century.

Add to this a guilloché pattern antique natural varnish and you have a balance of decorative taste that many good old Italian instruments of the 18th century own.

The tradition of Cello making in Germany is as old as the instrument itself. German instrument makers have long been known for their ability to produce affordable artistic reproductions of the works of the great masters. Their unmatched artistry of workmanship and tone production is reflected in the tremendous appreciation in value that everyone has seen in their instruments over the past decades. This appreciation in value is due to the overwhelming acceptance by the players, teachers, and dealers who handle them that they represent the best value for the money. An investment in a Laubach Cellos is a proven investment in quality.


Longtime fans of Laubach instruments will know that “Limited Edition Antique series” are made out of very special unique natural materials which can be found in the varnish and primer components, which were used in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries and are now only being used for their special and exclusive Limited Edition models.


Laubach Limited Edition Video Matteo Goffriller

Laubach Limited Edition Video Matteo Goffriller