Laubach fine handcrafted quality violins, violas, cellos and bows

   Thinking about a custom made violin inspired by the great violin makers Stradivari, Guarneri, Rugeri, Montagnana, Amati?
Looking for personal, suitable for your special needs and, most important, tonal stringed instrument?
   Then we will most defiently build you a suitable Laubach stringed instrument in an antique Italian style while combining an unique Cremonese or Venetian sound.
   We offer a full variety of violins, violas, cellos or bows for victories in music competitions, a solo career and playing in an orchestra, of course at an affordable price. The absolutely major part of a musical instrument (violin, viola, cello or bow) maker's / repairer's work - creating fine custom instrument, or performing repair and maintenance - is performed at our Laubach violin workshop in Germany. Therefore it definitely is a place where the violin maker spends the largest part of every day. Master Laubach mainly performs jobs traditional to all musical instrument makers, whilst we also concentrate our attention on acoustical testing at every stage of violin making. Thus cooperating with professional musicians at every stage of instrument making, the Laubach workshop contributes to the creation of beautiful, well-sounding and antique inspired stringed instruments. A dedicated violin maker, combins the best aspects of traditional violin making with new techniques and knowledge, can resolve practically every problem that may occur. Starting activities as a violin maker, Igor Laubach had no idea what made a good violin sound. At the beginning he went the usual way - started copying Stadivarius violin shape. Later he tried other (Guarnerius, Rugeri, Montagnana, Amati etc.) shapes. Later he realised that they must follow not just aesthetic, but mainly acoustical guidelines. Igor Laubach produces all classical violin family instruments – violin, viola and cello as well as bows. Each instrument is carefully handmade and arranged, tailored to meet the need of an individual customer. Instruments are invented on a basis of comprehensive research, so their sounding surpasses that of classic fiddles in almost all aspects. Obviously, appearance of such instruments resembles that of nice classical, as well as of soundly made contemporary fiddles. So, you are here because you are interested in buying a master violin, viola, cello or bow. That's fine. This web site is completely devoted to different aspects of the huge and so enigmatical violin family world. Even the locomotive is not a greater marvel of mechanism than the violin - Laubach Exploring violin sound ... . . . "I hear players constantly talking about this subject of violin 'tone'. I hear violin teachers telling it to their students. There is the idea that the sound of a great violin should 'soar over the orchestra' and should 'fill the large concert hall'. That the violin should have a bell-like quality, or a trumpet-like sound. These are truly absurd expectations and desires about how a small, featherweight, wooden box, called a Violin, should physically perform." This is a quote from a beautiful and eye opening article 'Buying violin tone' by violinist Martin Hackl. Still dreaming about Stradivarius, Guarneri, Rogeri, Montagnana violin, a viola, or a cello? Description of a best possible tool for violin sound quality evaluation - in my article about , where sound of 15 best antique Cremona violins (Guarneri del Gesu, Amati, Antonius Stradivarius etc) in identical conditions are recorded - The Glory of Cremona Looking for personal, suitable for your special needs and, most important, tonal violin preferences - look in an article Custom- musician violin Some thoughts and explanations concerning Stradivarius phenomenon - in my articles Stradivarius violin maker, Stradivarius' innovations and Stradivarius' psychology. Thinking about a custom made Stradivarius style violin? Then you probably will find some thoughts and ideas in an article Violin making Interested in purchasing a well sounding violin? Look at my article Violin advice. Want to know who we are? Here you can find more about our activities as violin maker.