Violin Laubach Limited Edition - 268V Antique

This quantitatively Laubach  limited series presents master violin inspired by ancient classical instruments by prominent Italian violin masters: Nicolo Amati, Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri, Nicolo Gagliano, Carlo Bergonzi, Carlo Tononi, Giovanni Guadagnini, Francesco Ruggeri antiqued

other models are available on request with antiqued finishing. Attention to detail is outstanding.

Laubach violin 268V ANTIQUE replicas violin masters from Cremona and Venice  18th century

Vintage violins the models and the appearances of the varnishes of these master instruments depend on old historical instruments.

Laubach violin 268V ANTIQUE replicas violin masters from Cremona and Venice  18th century

  Laubach has developed innovative formulas of their own after many years of research and testing on historical musical instruments. These excellent varnishes expertly combine outstanding acoustical properties with an exceptional aesthetic appeal. Master violins are created using only the most beautifully flamed, highest quality maple and spruce. In answer to the many requests by musicians for historical reproduction instruments, Laubach’s violins are hand made instruments in the style of Stradivari, Guarneri, Rugeri and several other old masters. 

   The tradition of violin making in Germany is as old as the instrument itself. German instrument makers have long been known for their ability to produce affordable artistic reproductions of the works of the great masters. Their unmatched artistry of workmanship and tone production is reflected in the tremendous appreciation in value that everyone has seen in their instruments over the past decades. This appreciation in value is due to the overwhelming acceptance by the players, teachers, and dealers who handle them that they represent the best value for the money.

An investment in a Laubach violin is a proven investment in quality.

Each of these commissioned works were made as historical reproductions of the masters’ originals which were studied extensively in the workshop. 

Our instruments have a distinctive tone, an expansive range, and are owned and played by soloists, orchestral musicians, and performing ensembles. With classical methods and materials we work in the Italian tradition, inspired by the instruments of Venice, Brescia, Cremona, and Milan. 

Consideration is given to the individual musician, whether expanding the tonal potential of their current instrument, fulfilling a commission or assisting in the selection of an instrument or bow by a wide range of makers from our collection




    Laubach  limited edition series violin - a perfect master violin, in old style with Guarneri patem.  The master violin is made out from deeply flamed matured bosnian maple ribs, neck and one-piece back, tyrolean spruce in beautiful alcohol - oil hand-brushed varnish of shaded red-brown color on top of golden ground with nice transparency, good master workmanship in excellent old view. 


   Laubach violin model 268V exhibits clear and powerful & responsive - mature sound.


   Excellent master  instrument for soloist.

  When an violin maker refers to a model they are referring to the work of a old master maker that they use as the basis for their own work.  A  violin maker might  use a pattern from a historic instrument and adapt some of the "mannerisms" of its style or might opt for a  full  copy  making it as identical to the original as possible.  The reasons for using the work of a violin master  maker as a model are both visual and acoustic as the sound inherent in an instrument is related in part to the way it looks.  However, exactly reproducing an instrument is not a simple task. This is not something i have attempted.  I start with a pattern taken from a historic instrument and adapt it somewhat while maintaining a sense of the original violin. By examining photos and drinking in the details on the occasions that I have been able to see the original instruments I keep reforming my  conceptions of what I want to make.

In my own work on violins I have focused on the violins of  Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesu as a basis for instrument construction. His instruments appeal to me and have been proven to be a successful acoustic model. I like the creative and adaptive process that was part of Guarneri's method of working. There is a sense of variation around a central theme in his work. Using a basic pattern he was able to explore subtle changes in size and arching in an ongoing search  for the violin sound he was after. I have been making a guarneri del Gesu violin model of 353mm in length. 

Making a copy of a specific instrument is an exercise in observation, trying to discern what goals the maker had in mind and what working methods he may have used to get there. Looking at Del Gesu's work, you get a strong sense of efficiency and economy of effort. Tricks like extending the corners well beyond the rib ends allowed him to avoid the troublesome tight bends in C-bout ribs. Looking at the variety of line in his instruments, I suspect that he made minimum use of templates, but rather worked from a few layout points and then relied on his eye and the shapes that his tools naturally made to guide him.

I like the Del Gesu model for its compact body size, the darker tone, the clarity and responsiveness of these instruments.


Violin  Laubach  LIMITED EDITION - 268V ANTIQUE MODEL GUARNERI DEL GESÙ   shows an exquisite level of workmanship. The sound is powerful and carries well with punchy modern old Italian character.

 Laubach create magnificant modelled instruments after the principles of Great Italian violin maker Ruggeri and Guarneri. This Laubach violin is a Guarneri model with a powerful, dark tone.

Perfect for the aspiring soloist, this violin is patterned after the Ex-Henry Wall Del Gesu. The dramatic sound and deep brown - gold -orange luster will inspire reverence from your very first performance.

This violin was inspired by an early Joseph Guarneri del Gesu of slightly diminutive dimensions.  It is very comfortable to hold and play with no loss in tonal color or volume of sound.  The varnish has been lightly "antiqued". 

This violin, completed in February of 2018, is constructed with a one-piece back.  As with many of my violins, it is inspired by the late-period violins of Joseph Guarneri del Gesu.  With its broad widths and square lower bout, this instrument has a deep, robust voice with a responsive lower register and an open 'e string. 

In December, 2019 I completed a violin in modern set-up modeled after Antonio Stradivari.  This is an instrument that exhibits a sound rich in overtones, allowing the musician to draw from an extensive pallet of tonal colors.  It carries very well in the hall.  You can see several detailed photos of this violin by clicking on the photo on the left.

This 'petite' model has been an exceptional one for musicians who demand the comfort of an instrument with incrementally shorter string length, a more rounded shoulder, a slim neck and diminutive edges. This particular violin has been sold.  If you have questions about this model please feel free to contact me in my Laubach  workshop.