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  Welcome to the German family violin workshop Laubach, specializing in the making of stringed musical instruments, bows and rosin. Here you will find detailed information about our company, about a wide range of products, as well as information on the most current news offered by Laubach.


LAUBACH Stringed instrument  cello

   The family workshop Laubach’s stringed instruments and bows are built to last and gain in terms of tonal maturity as the years go by. Laubach’s range of models is as varied as are the demands made for it.

Today, the family workshop Laubach produces a copy of instruments from Stradivari, Guarneri, Montagnana and other famous masters of the past. These instruments are based on acoustic solutions and forms of the old masters, have exceptional aesthetic appeal, as well as so-called “aging effect instruments.”

  Each instrument has a certificate with a detailed description of the individual instrument, its size, photo and number.


Perfection in Sound and Design - LAUBACH INSTRUMENTS & BOWS.

What you see is what you hear. The sound is Laubach quality, brilliant and crystal clear like the concept of the string instrument design itself. Be inspired by German quality!”

LAUBACH Stringed instruments: violin, viola


  “LAUBACH Stringed instruments: violin, viola and cello.


  Reliable, durable, easy to play and precise - these are the qualities which characterize our master Stringed Instruments.

  We would be pleased to manufacture your instrument exactly as you want it.

Laubach`s range of Stringed instruments models is as varied as the demands made for it.”

LAUBACH Stringed instruments ang bows



“Laubach bows for stringed instruments are made by the attention to detail.

The quality of processed timber plays a crucial role. Only selected Pernambuco wood is used in the making of our master bows. Weight, balance, shape of the head or frog, octagonal or round bow shape are all criteria that players consider.”


  We are a young family business from Bamberg, the most important city of Upper Franconia. The old Frankish emperor, bishop and cathedral city with their over 1000 - year old history and its location in the heart of Germany is homeland of our point enterprise with increasing, content customer master from the whole world. 

  Bamberg extends over seven hills, each crowned by a beautiful church. This has led to Bamberg being called the "Franconian Rome" — as it symbolises similarity to Rome.  Its historic city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site.

LAUBACH master Stringed instruments: violin and  viola

Today, as in the past, we continue to the old traditional art of the masters for the production of musical instruments and stringed bows.


Traditional German quality at an affordable price - is the basis of our concept.


All instruments and bows handmade by Laubach stand for finest craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The region’s traditional heritage in mind, the workshop constantly strives to create sustainable and thus long-lasting instruments and bows. 

Laubach Igor manages the Violin workshop since 2003 and is working in the stringed instruments construction since 1996. As a engineer, he was interested in the physics of the violin and attended various international practices  in prestigious workshops in France, Italy and USA. He builds after old tradition in manual labor and after the historical, physical-, design-technical principles of each era. With its superb craftsmanship and training on the breeds of wood processing as aircraft modeler, created beautiful violins and bows. He focuses on internationalization and a comprehensive product portfolio of high-quality violins, cellos on sheets up to double basses and rosin. 

LAUBACH craftsmanship of violin- and bow making has a long and proud history

Even though the craftsmanship of violin- and bow making has a long and proud history, makers themselves have become extremely rare. This is exactly the reason why Igor Laubach doesn't only want reviving the traditional trade of violin- and bow making, but also about creating violins and bows with a value that goes beyond utility - violins and bows with soul. After all, each violin is different. This central tenet of Laubach’s philosophy finds its concrete expression in his work. His aim is to create hand-made violins and bows that are not only perfectly sound and convenience to provide, but those also match the personality of their owner. 


We are inspired by the great and famous old Italian masters. Their stringed instruments serve us as templates, which are played by the best soloists of our time on the stages of the classical world.

  This is how masterpieces are created in our hands, which are valued for their sonority, great modulation ability and easy play-ability.

Our fine stringed instruments are inspiring and reliable partners for the musicians.

craftsmanship of violin- and bow making has a long and proud history


   Future owners therefore frequently acquire a real sense of ownership of the instruments, and this complements the material value of Laubach’s exquisite instruments and bows by a unique emotional factor.


Hundred percent handmade is an omnipresent thought and the fundamental principle of Laubach´s family workshop. 

LAUBACH master cello and cello bows.


The family cello workshop Laubach has successfully established itself as an internationally renowned supplier that blends the traditional and emotional values associated with classical stringed instruments and bows utensils perfectly with the high quality requirements of our times. 


Today, instruments from the Laubach`s workshop are available in more than 28 countries and on five continents. 



  Over the subsequent decades, the family violins workshop Laubach upgraded its manufacturing facilities in keeping with growing international demand and added in 2011 a modern sophisticated studio building. 

Laubach gold rosin for violinor viola or cello


   A close collaboration with the music artists is always guaranteed – from the development of ideas through the choice of materials up to the implementation.

   Laubach's master violins, violas and cellos are recognized the world over for their beauty, tone and value. These instruments have power, tone color and an elegance that has gained enormous recognition from well-known musicians and professors around the globe. 




  Laubach has focused on the making of fine master violins, violas, cellos bows and Gold rosin. These instruments have been consistently recognized for their workmanship and tone over the years. Reviews of musicians:

  Musicians find these instruments to have evenness of sound, projection and power and the subtleties that discerning players appreciate. Ease of playing make for many years of enjoyable music making.

Laubach limited edition master violin



   In your search for an ideal instrument, I cordially invite you to visit my violin workshop. Here you will gain an insight into a living creative process, the making of new stringed instruments. Here seasoned wood is used to create unique individual instruments which will impress you with their proportions, their style, the magic of their varnish and above all their rich tone colors.


Making new stringed instruments is one of my specialties. Here you see some pictures of an instrument from my violin workshop:

  • About violin maker

    Love for the violin for life .. hobby became a profession ...

    Soviet childhood and occupation, with eight years in the model airplane club, all-union competition and victory - formed a desire to achieve their goals, and excellence in all activities.

    Pledged childhood basics skills to work with different materials and types of wood, its fine precision processing, knowledge of aerodynamics and resonance effects obtained in Aviation Institute, served as the basis for further work violinmaker.

    The symbiosis of German education and stringed violin masters and higher education in engineering Aviation and facilitated the development of a custom look and approach to understanding the secrets of violin construction and acoustic settings.

    By chance and fate, in 1996 in Germany unexpectedly he came into contact with the profession of violinmaker and remained faithful to her to this day. Improving their skills and trained in renomirovannyh reputable violin and bow workshops in Germany, France and America, where thoroughly honed his own style and perfected their recipe violin varnish. Having obtained the necessary knowledge and experience, it opened in 2003 his own violin studio-workshop in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, which expanded the possibility of independent fundamental study of violin acoustics, old varnish formulations and acoustic ground of old instruments and their acoustic setting.

    On the basis of many different successful experiments and results continues to improve its instruments in antique style. Numerous musicians playing instruments Laubach, won prizes at international competitions.

    Each year the international music exhibitions in Germany, Italy, China and Russia.