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At LAUBACH WORKSHOP we understand that choosing an instrument is not easy and it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. We often hear that musicians will receive as many as 15 instruments to play and choose from only to find that they still have not found the one they want, that something is missing, or that they are in information overload. Does this sound like you?


At the center of my mission as a violinmaker is a commitment to making concert quality instruments that reflect your needs, desires, aspirations, and goals. We focus on you and providing you with a great experience and a great instrument, sometimes a lifetime of great instruments. When musicians contact us, some have never before bought an instrument and some have bought many. We are here to support you and help you find your first or your next great instrument.

 In filling out the following form, you will be taking the first step in establishing a collaboration between player and violin maker that will produce your perfect instrument experience. Answering the following questions will help me assist you in your search for the best possible instrument. Please remember to click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. I look forward to hearing from you.


If you are not that far along in your process, tell us about you and how we can help you. If you are further along in your process and experience, please tell us about your current instrument- violin, viola or cello and your preferences regarding the tonal and aesthetic properties of your ideal instrument.

Please contact us whenever you wish to get your new beautiful and well sounding violin, viola or cello.

Once you contact us we will to make everything possible so you play your new stringed instrument. 


We will be pleased to help anybody interested.


Please use this form to contact us about anything on this site and for enquiries.

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We respect your privacy. The information supplied is for our own use and will not be made available to other parties.


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