ACCessories Laubach for STRINGed Instruments

  The most important thing for a musician is the use of high quality rosin and violin varnish cleaner. Rosin is essential, and you do NOT want to buy the cheap stuff. The reason why is simple. If you pay 5 dollars for rosin and it lasts you two years, which is a short period of time for rosin, you will endure two long years of using rosin that doesn't provide your bow with good grip.

   What purpose does that serve? Instead of spending 5 dollars, spend 15 or 20 on quality Gold rosin that will provide you with good results for years to come. It's only a few dollars more and you will have that rosin for a long time, especially if you want to succeed and play more effectively and with less practice time. Get yourself one!


  But no matter how many accessories you have, not a single one is more important than having a fine teacher and a good method on learning how to play violin. This is very, very important and can create a critical difference between one violinist and another.

LAUBACH professional ACCESSORIES  for violin, viola and cello

  Here you will find our accessories, which we manufacture ourselves in our workshop:

Laubach Gold Rosin, Laubach Polish Spray Set, Laubach varnish deep cleaner and many other products from our workshop.

  These accessories are well known and desired, all over the world.

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Laubach GOLD rosin for violin, viola and cellos


LAUBACH`S goal is to provide comprehensive bowed instruments and bows services.


  We offer a wide range of services, carry important accessories, and offer a large selection of instruments and bows.

   Violin, viola, and cello making have been a family tradtion for many generations, and we look forward to our future of crafting more stringed instruments.