Laubach violin LIM-888V ANTIQUE

Affordable quality instruments from a German based master violin maker. Laubach violin model 888V offers a full, robust, centered, sound. Each violin has a solid spruce top and two-piece flamed maple back with brown-shaded antique spirit varnish.

LAUBACH VIOLIN 888 ANTIQUE - A simple and inexpensive Instrument! Experts appreciate the excellent acoustic characteristics of this violin with antique varnish

  The Orchestra Laubach violin model 888V is an ideal instrument for an advancing player who desires a mature tone, similar to that of an older instrument. Every detail, from the finely carved scroll to the lustrous spirit-oil varnish, exemplifies the precision and artistry that is applied to the craftsmanship of each instrument. Laubach violins are exceptional in tone quality, balance and responsiveness. 

   These instruments have a core of sound necessary for tonal projection in the concert hall, yet they blend well in chamber and symphony orchestra settings.

Laubach's Orchestra violins model 888V

Laubach's Orchestra violins are for higher demands. They are handcrafted of select European naturally aged tone wood and hand-varnished in the old tradition. Our instrument has a good two-piece back, a rather bold pattern and a gold-brown hand-brushed varnish. This is a incredibly handsome instrument, but possesses a rich tonal quality.

Orchestra Laubach model 888V with the "de-stressed" antique look

   The Orchestra Laubach violin model 888V with the "de-stressed" antique look is rarely to be found in this price range. The violin is in superb original condition, without damage or cracks of any kind, due to the antique imitation.

   A simple and inexpensive Instrument! Experts appreciate the excellent acoustic characteristics of this violin.

Orchestra Violin  Laubach model 888V with the  antique look

The traditions of violin making in Germany are as old as the violin itself. German instrument makers have long been known for their ability to produce authentic artistic reproductions of the Great Master Works. Their unmatched artistry and tone reproduction ensure that these instruments represent the finest value. Laubach violins are a proven investment due to their overwhelming acceptance by players, teachers and dealers.

Laubach model 888V - The traditions of violin making in Germany!

Generations of top professional musicians have relied on our Orchestra model instruments during their formative years. Our quality has helped speed their development as players. With meticulous workmanship and sonority of tone, Laubach instruments are now being used to inspire the next generation.

This violin is suitable for the most demanding orchestra player!

Laubach violin model 888V buy

  These instruments model 888V are made in the true Germany tradition with great attention to detail. Excellent wood is used throughout and its beauty is enhanced by the lustrous antique varnish. They have a robust and powerful, yet lively sound which projects very well. The tone is smooth and velvety with strong character. An excellent instrument for advanced student or professional use.

  This magnificent instrument has a vivid, clear, timbre that will win your heart. And the chestnut brown finish over a yellow ground is a special touch sure to delight.