Laubach  Limited Edition Antique cello  -  Resonating Sound, Beautiful tone and touch. 


Limited Edition Antique Laubach cello model Domenico Montagnana

Laubach cello makers have gotten very close over the years to build a modern instrument of quality, inspired by violins of the Venetian school of the late nineteenth century. Individually handcrafted instruments Limited Edition Antique series from Laubach Master atelier. Best workmanship and only the very best available rare old tonewoods (aged from 20 years), to insure this high level of quality. With two-piece back of narrow flame, the oil varnish of golden brown color of high quality and with rich and full voice. Our instrument is of a unique pattern, with single-line purfling and with pronounced edges and corners. Recommended to the serious cellist or the dedicated collector. Accompanied by certification from Laubach.

Laubach cellos Limited Edition Antique Matteo Goffriller scroll !


Laubach cellos Limited Edition Antique series reflect in mature tonal quality and aesthetic beauty the same skill and great care that has gone into the making of our successful line high level of quality of Master made violins, violas, Limited Edition Antique series. Whichever cellos model you play (Antonio Stradivari, Matteo Goffriller, Battista Guadagnini and Domenico Montagnana) - the rich Laubach cellos sound is unmistakable giving each instrument its own unique character.

 Laubach cello  Model Antonio Stradivari,  Limited Edition Antique

   The tradition of Cello making in Germany is as old as the instrument itself. German instrument makers have long been known for their ability to produce affordable artistic reproductions of the works of the great masters. Their unmatched artistry of workmanship and tone production is reflected in the tremendous appreciation in value that everyone has seen in their instruments over the past decades. This appreciation in value is due to the overwhelming acceptance by the players, teachers, and dealers who handle them that they represent the best value for the money. An investment in a Laubach Cellos is a proven investment in quality.

  It is the most elegant solution, to acquire a new instrument (without any cracks or defects) with an old and antique sound, in comparison to much more expensive old cellos. It is a small price to pay to save yourself tens of thousands by not sacrificing any old Italian-esque sound and look.

It took six years to go from the idea to creation.

  "It is not only a great Cello for the work of art but is a beautiful time keeper that you can imagine your grandchildren’s children still playing and cherishing in the future.”

Cello bridge Cello model 168C   Limited Edition Antique



  Longtime fans of Laubach instruments will know that “Limited Edition Antique series” are made out of very special unique natural materials which can be found in the varnish and primer components, which were used in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries and are now only being used for their special and exclusive Limited Edition models.

Cello neck heel  model 168 Limited Edition Antique for extremely demanding solosists!

  The second thing that makes Laubach cellos special is its color primer. It has a soft, almost mellow, honey gold hue that is hard to place. The most accurate way to picture it is that its hue is somewhere between regular yellow gold and rose gold used in old Italian instruments of the 17th - 18th century.

  It is very unusual thus making it special, and it is unlike any other cellos primers that have been used in European instruments of the 19-20th century.

  Add to this a guilloché pattern antique natural varnish and you have a balance of decorative taste that many good old Italian instruments of the 18th century own.

виолончель купить в германии Лаубах
Laubach cello Limited Edition Antique series and is finely executed with a generous coat of rich dark golden brown varnish.

Laubach cello variation model 168C

Cellos by Laubach model  168C are made on two patterns; a slightly modified Stradivari pattern and a Montagnana pattern. As with all instruments from the Laubach workshop, the work is all performed by hand and the acoustic wood is carefully selected and well a long while seasoned.

Laubach master cello antique varnished in old Italian style, model Domenico Montagnana 168C 4/4




   Laubach master cello model Domenico Montagnana 168C antique varnished in old Italian style, well made by hand, slightly flamed maple back with spruce top, which delivers great workmanship. An evenly applied oil - spirit varnish of golden-brown color with hand-brushed  gold - brown varnish. 

  Top is spruce with medium fine grain at joint, becoming wider at flanks, two piece back of maple with broad curls descending from left to right.

  Excellent craftsmanship with deep curved belly and back producing big full tones.

The scroll’s chamfer is rounded to give an antique look. This effect is quote on the body’s edge.

The orange-brown varnish is intentionally worn.

  The master cello gives a rich, powerful and desirable warmth clear sound.   

Size  4/4 size

This fine, unusually small cello,  has the dark-toned, signature sound of the great Venetian maker’s Domenico Montagnana larger instruments.

Video - Cello Laubach 168C Limited Edition Antique

The model for this cello is beautifully proportioned, with generous widths across the bouts. The varnish on this instrument is of a beautiful rich dark brown - red colour. The tone of the Domenico Montagnana cello is rich, with a strong bass and a colourful upper register, certainly suitable for the requirements of a modern musician.

Master Cello Instruments Fast Facts

   There are fewer cellos in the orchestra than violins because a master cello produces a larger volume of sound than a violin. Cellists sit either to the right of the conductor or, if the second violins are place there, in front of him. The cello being derived from the viola da gamba, which was supported by the leg, it appears to be clutched and supported by the knees; in fact the weight is taken to the floor by a spike. The compass of the cello is five octaves, and the strings are tuned an octave lower than those of the viola: C G D A. The first two strings are of gut and the others wound, although there is today a tendency to use metal for all four strings.

Cello profesional Laubach Limited Edition - Domenico Montagnana.


 • Viejo tapa en madera de abeto dos piezas, fibra ancho medio, recta simétrica regular. 

• Viejo fondo en madera de arce dos piezas, vetado bastante estrecho y marcado, un poco ondulado y perpendicular a la junta.

• Bóvedas bastante altas.

• Contornos de la tapa y el fondo esculpidos en profundidad con el borde muy marcado y alzado.

• Fileteado grueso y colocado con precisión.

•Espigas de madera grandes en la parte superior e inferior del fondo.

• Aros en madera de arce veteado más estrecho, más marcado que el fondo y un poco ondulado.

• Ff bastante grandes con contornos alzados.

• Cabeza en madera de arce similar a los aros con clavijero pequeño.

• Filetes estrechos y bien colocados con acabado en forma de uña en las puntas.

• Puntas anchas y cortas.

• Voluta cabeza esculpida con mucha profundidad.

• Trabajo realizado con simetría y precisión.

• Señal de fuego en la parte superior e inferior de LAUBACH y logotipo.

• Copia integrada de la herramienta antigua Domenico Montagnana.

• Lacado marrón dorado antiguo.

• El instrumento se acompaña de certificado expedido por el luthier Laubach.

Violonchelo construido por el taller de luthieria Laubach modelo Stradivari Davidof.


• Viejo tapa en madera de abeto   Europeo, dos piezas, fibra recta, simétrica y separada.

• Fondo en madera de arce viejo Europeo, dos piezas, veteado bastante marcado, estrecho, simétrico, un poco ondulado, descendiendo desde el centro hacia los laterales.

• Puntas grandes y largas bien definidas

• Aros, cabeza, mástil en madera de arce mismas características que el fondo.

• Barniz graso color marrón anaranjado dorado acabado antiguizado.

• El instrumento se acompaña de certificado expedido por el luthier Laubach.

Tu violonchelo para TODA la vida!